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With My Last Breath, I Wish Upon You Death

Wings of a Fallen Angel
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This community is for stories.

There are some rules:
1. Anyone who is a member is allowed to post one short story a day. It can either be in pros or poetry.
2. If a member wants to write a story that may be too long for a person to read in one day, or would like to expand it. You may rightfully do so. However, they must well written stories that have
3. Any long entries should be cut.
4. No member can post a story on Monday, which will be when I will post a part of my story/novel.
5. If criticizing, be constructive. Do not be insultive or immature. Do give insightful comments.

That's about it :)

Thanks for _unwanted_ for this <3.

This goes for everyone's work, as well.