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With My Last Breath, I Wish Upon You Death [entries|friends|calendar]
Wings of a Fallen Angel

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[17 Jun 2005|10:51am]


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Sorry.... [02 Jan 2004|07:42pm]

I am vey sorry I haven't updated lately, but I haven't had time. The holidays and everything yeah. Also, I've been going out, and now I have a lot of work to do. So... very very sorry =X
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And It All Begins With A Whisper [16 Dec 2003|09:49pm]

This is the first part of the story, Wings of a Fallen Angel. Most of you may know that I will post every MONDAY another part. I might make it more often. Enjoy.

Prologue: Blood Will Have Blood

The trickling of rain poured down into the city; a land of drug dealers, gang wars, and prostitutes. The fog that made the air heavy wasn't from any mist but from the fires of burning buildings and bodies somewhere in the city. The water from the heavens also fell on those fires, but they kept coming back. Nothing was able to clean out the trash that laid here. Everything that was thrown out from all over came to this spot. This was the dumpster of modern day society. This was their home and they weren't leaving it. I wasn't leaving it. I don't think I ever thought myself capable to do so.

Late into the hours of the night, when people are closest to death sleep, was when everything went down. My older brother, Tommy, was out there. He wasn't too much older than I was. I think I was about 18, and he was 20. I don't know about my younger days. It's all a big blur to me. I can see broken images and bloodshot eyes, but that's about it.

Tommy had decided this was going to be his last job. His boys, the Slithroats, were going to get themselves out of this hell hole and I along with them. They had carefully planned out the night's events. The main task was to attack a dark gray truck carrying blow from El Hispano down to the slums, which was mostly where the scum of the earth lived. With the truck full of coke, they would take it down to some growing dealers on the East side to make enough money for a new apartment somewhere nice and quiet. Their only difficulty was getting through the Ak's of the seven people supposedly guarding the truck from the inside and the extra bikers who El Hispano hired for protection from some dead beat old geezers. Something went wrong though. Before the sun came up, I was staring at my brother behind bars.

*Next Part: 12/19/03 - Will be posted earlier, because I made the Prologue include Chapter 1, so I did some cutting.

8 A.M: Fire Eats Our Souls
(Full Length Chapter)
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